Hernia Surgery

Inguinal hernias are bulges in the groin that occur from an inherited weakness in the abdominal wall.  They are more common in men.  Many inguinal hernias are asymptomatic, but with time some might result in groin pain or a dull ache, especially on exertion (e.g. while exercising, lifting, standing, coughing, sneezing, or straining).  Rarely inguinal hernias can trap a segment of the small intestine and result in sudden and severe abdominal pain (hernia incarceration and strangulation).  

Ventral hernias are bulges arising from the abdominal wall.  Specifically, umbilical hernias are bulges in the naval (belly-button).  Epigastric hernias arise from the midline above the umbilicus.  Incisional hernias arise from prior surgical incisions.  There are other uncommon hernias such as Spigelian Hernias, lumbar hernias, femoral hernias, and obturator hernias.  All hernias are amenable to surgical repair.

We offer open/anterior, laparoscopic, and robotic hernia surgery for inguinal, umbilical, ventral, incisional and other hernias.  We offer the newest techniques including component separation and complex abdominal wall reconstruction for large, recurrent, and difficult-to-treat hernias.  We offer a variety of synthetic, coated, biologic, and nonmesh repairs, all customized to each patient.  The decision regarding surgical approach is tailored to each individual patient.